Travel Essentials according to PASTEL

Travel Essentials according to PASTEL



This weeks post will be solely focused on “Travel Essentials” this list will exclude obvious additions such as deodorants, underwear etc. and will focus more on the little things which make travel that much more bearable.

  • Maison Martin Margiela, Replica, Jazz Club


The first addition to the list is the fragrance, I believe its vital to always take a fragrance on vacation, a fragrance which has been suited to the climate of the location you’re visiting. For example floral and citrus scents for warmer climates whereas vanilla and boozy scents for colder climates. My current favourite fragrance is by the Maison Martin Margiela fashion house more specifically a scent from their Replica range – Jazz Club.

Jazz Club is a scent designed to conjure images of a Brooklyn jazz bar, dark and mysterious, smokey and rich if that is what you like in a scent then I highly recommend this. The main accords of this scent are as follows – Sweet, Tobacco, Rum, Woody, Vanilla. And sweet this fragrance is to start with I get a coconut and subtle vanilla which slowly subsides into a dark leathery scent.

This will defiantly be accompanying me to New York later this year.

Available at: Selfridges, £95


  • Baxters of California, Hard Water Pomade

A good hair product is vital when travelling to prevent your hair from becoming a disheveled jet lagged mess, and no hair product comes close to Baxter of Californias Hard Cream Pomade! I cannot recommend this product enough if you have dark hair. I’ve used countless hair products and most of them leave my hair looking weighed down and shiny, If you’re after the matte look give this a try.

It can be applied in two ways, straight out the shower after towel drying for the more traditional dose parting hairstyles, this will give you a light shine. Or after blow drying for a perfectly matte finish with a light hold. This product is water based so can be easily washed out and is not filled with nasty chemicals, so peace of mind.

Available at: End Clothing, £20


  • Aesop, Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

This product is amazing for helping to keep your hands both soft and hydrated. It’s suitable for all over body use so perfect for giving your body a refresh after a monotonous flight.

This product is created with a blend of fragrant botanicals and skin softening emollients. The aroma of this product is lavender and herbaceous, the texture is in the form of a concentrated creams and the skin feel is matte, hydrated and greaseless.

Available at: Aesop, 75ml £19


  • Marvis, Jasmine Mint Toothpaste

Whilst traveling its imperative to look after your pearly whites, and this toothpaste will do the job perfectly. This isn’t like your standard mint toothpaste as it has distinctive sweet floral notes which make it very unique.

This toothpaste has fluoride inside to help prevent tooth decay, freshen breath and remove plaque. If you’re looking for something a little different and fun then give Marvis a try, the floral notes take a little getting used to but after a few uses you’ll be hooked.

Available at: End Clothing, £5


  • Oliver Peoples, Gregory Peck Sunglasses

Well what can be said about these sunglasses, the fact that they’re beautiful comes to mind! These timeless frames are a masterpiece in my opinion and although a little expensive, they’re definitely an investment as these are going to last you for years.

Handcrafted out of acetate in Italy, its clearly evident the craftsmanship which has gone into manufacturing this pair, each individual pair will have its own unique pattern.The lenses are made with Mineral Glass in a range of vintage light tints, with 100% UVA/UVB Protection.

The pairs posses hand laid functional plaques which offer double adherence between the frame and the hinge aiding in the strength and durability of the frame. lastly the frames also the three barrel hinges which means frequent use will not result in the arms becoming loose.

Available at: Oliver Peoples, £250+


  • Comme Des Garçons, SA3100, Orange

The last addition to the list is the wallet, everyman should own a good wallet in my opinion and Comme Des Garçon will not let you down. made with 100% premium cowhide leather in Spain will fit all of your cards, notes and coins.

Although the main selling point for me was the vibrant shades these wallets come in ranging from neon greens, to tropical oceanic blues and sun burst oranges, there is a colour to suit everyones taste. I decided on the orange as its always going to have your attention, for example is you go for dinner and place this on the table its going to stand out resulting in you not losing it!

Available at: Dover Street Market, £59

And thus our list has come to an end. Keep your eyes peeled for the next article which will be live soon and if you haven’t checked out or Instagram head on over to pastelmenswear and be sure to say hello!


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