Injecting colour into your wardrobe

Injecting colour into your wardrobe.


When building a solid wardrobe its all too easy to stick with monochrome shades as these are always a safe option. But injecting some colour into your wardrobe rotation helps to brighten up your style much like the changing seasons.

When talking colour we’re not talking about any neon colours as these quite to be quite frank are a fashion faux pas and best suited for nightclub dance floors. The best colours to stick too are much like the namesake of this blog, PASTELS!

These colours can range from pinks, greens to oranges so even people who tend to be more reserved in their choices will be able to find a shade that suits them. In recent months PASTELS have been the in colour alongside flesh tones. These PASTEL colour choices can be seen in the seasonal releases from Acne Studios and Common Projects, as blushing pink as of now is their most popular colour.

If you’re looking for subtle yet well crafted Pastel garments yet for a high street price, then I must point you to Cos. In my opinion this retailer is without a doubt the king of the high street, their simplistic and Scandinavian styling is well worth the price. And currently most of their t-shirts are in Pastel shades.

Although with Pastel colours its best to wear them during Spring and Summer as they can look out of place. In my opinion the most effective way of injecting this blast of Pastel  into your life is by avoiding trousers etc. in these colour ways and focusing on items such as sweatshirts, t-shirts and socks. A recent pick up of mine from Acne Studios was the Casey sweatshirt in pink, the colour is what solely attracted me to this garment as its the perfect shade of pink, some people may be scared to wear this but in my opinion its a fantastic shade and I’ve received nothing but compliments whilst wearing it! So go ahead and inject some Pastel into your life before summer is over!


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