How to style stripes and spots

How to style stripes and spots


When building a wardrobe I believe that every man should own at least one striped t-shirt. The humble striped t-shirt truly is a timeless style icon, which has been sported by James Dean to David Beckham. The reason for the success of this garment is down to how flattering the garment looks on the wearer and also the versatility in which it posses. Whether its worn with jeans, trousers or shorts, its a simple way to achieve the smart casual look.

Linking back to a previous post of mine, I wouldn’t necessarily wear stripes with any pastel colours. The most complementing colours for stripes are basic shades such as black, white and grey, or if you want that little bit of colour stick with navy and beiges.

When looking for a brand when purchasing a striped shirt the list is literally endless. Almost every high street store offers their own iterations of the humble striped shirt, two stores to look out for would be H&M and Zara as these will offer cheaper alternatives. Next would be the traditional brands such as Saint James and Armor Lux these two brands are the original purveyors of the Breton shirt, they may be a little more expensive than the high street branded shirts, but this does reflect in the craftsmanship as they’re manufactured in France.

Lastly you have brands such as Comme Des Garçons Play and APC to name just a few. These brands may be considerably more expensive but with an item as versatile as the striped shirt I believe an investment into a well crafted piece is justified. A key selling point for the striped shirt is that you’re not limited to seasons with it, the shirt looks just as good in the Spring as it does in the Fall.

Building a solid wardrobe takes time and plenty of investment but once you’ve built one, you’ll be set for years to come. A mentioned in the title spots in my opinion can be worn in exactly the same way as the striped shirt as the same rules apply, try not to clash with any garish colours and stick to subtle shades…Subtlety is key here. Admittedly the polka dot shirt isn’t as much as a timeless classic as the stripes but if you’re looking for something a little different, then this is certainly the way to go.

Below I’ll include a picture of an outfit I’ve put together using a polka dot shirt. My choices are as follows, I’ve chosen a Comma Des Garçons Play polka dot shirt in black which I purchased from Dover Street Market New York, a pair of wool cropped trousers from Cos and finally a pair of Acne Studios Adrian sneakers, I’ve written a post on these previously.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

So go ahead add a Breton shirt to you’re wardrobe, you certainly wont regret it!




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