This weeks article is as simple as the title states investing into key pieces. When building a wardrobe I believe the key motto to go by is quality over quantity. I understand that this will not be achievable by everyone as everyones budgets vary, and I have first hand experience as I’m a student!

But sometimes just putting that extra bit of money aside to save up for that grail piece you’ve been looking at is well worth the wait and INVESTMENT. I use the term investment in two instances, the first being that these items wont share the same price tag as your high street stores such as Zara, H&M etc. the prices may be higher but so is the quality of the product. These items I’m going to go on to list will stand the test of time and last you years.

The other instance of investing would be that these items can be sold on as they will retain some of their original value meaning if you’re a student like me at least you can get some of that money back, always a plus in my opinion!




The first item which I believe is a worthy investment is a pair of luxury sneakers, there is a saying that a mans shoes say a lot about them as a person. So why not make a lasting impression and pick up a pair of Common Projects Achilles Low sneakers. These are minimalism incarnate the brand is world renowned for their simplistic approach to timeless silhouettes, whilst using luxurious leathers to produce a truly high quality product. Although the price tag may be high these have been known to retain their value and if you’re not looking to sell down the line, the leather in these shoes gets more buttery soft with every wear.

My colour way of choice is the White/Blush as seen below. RRP – £290

Available at –






My second product for investment purposes is a decent pair of denim. Although I wouldn’t recommend buying multiple high end leg wear pieces owning one pair is still a good idea. My choice would be the AMI Alexandre Mattiussi slim-fit tapered mid-rise jeans. Capturing the true essence of Parisian cool Alexandre Mattiussi has gone from strength to strength in recent years with this French brand becoming a firm staple in many wardrobes around the world.

These jeans aren’t exactly re-inventing the wheel but sometimes the most classic of designs is the most timeless, and these jeans have perfected that. Simply fitting with a slim-fit tapered leg, a mid-rise and faded wash with some contrasting stitching. as simple as it comes but pure style.

RRP – £112 reduced from £160. Available via:




The last item on my list of worthy investments is a decent coat. A coat can last you years not just a few seasons, so why settle for less? My choice is the A.P.C. Tristan Classic Coat this like the previous entries has been highly inspired by timeless classics, when I say Prince of Wales Check you may thing grandad, but no this is a stylish modern interpretation.


A.P.C. has also brought their Parisian flair to this garment and it’s definitely paid off. This coat has been cut from Italian cotton to further add that extra sense of opulence. As well as being stylish this coat is also practical in the sense that it’s water repellent meaning you don’t have to worry about ruining the fabric.

Available via End Clothing RRP – £435


So to conclude on this weeks article, a few investments into your wardrobe is well worthwhile, just remember to think logically and try to stick to simple silhouette and subdued colours to get maximum use out of the garments. Also if you were to purchase three items like the ones listed above you can make a solid wardrobe by purchasing items from high streets retailers, and by mixing your high end items and high street you’ll never run out of outfits.

All the best.



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